Relationship between strategic management and human resource

HR executives are trying to become a part at the management table and they are concerned in everyday management activities. Monitoring With a strategic initiative in place, HR monitors any changes or additions to the workforce it introduced to determine if they are in line with its projections and representations to management during the assessment stage.

Strategic management deals with devising people interventions that help an organization to develop the customer behavior to promote the competitive advantage. Neither of these attitudes is good for business.

In this study, human resource information system functions were found to have a relationship with HRM functionalities. The key to an organisations success is to become more global and advance from a technological prospective.

Therefore, there is a clear dualism in HR involvement that organisations have been adopting for their survival. Academy of Management Review, 29, As a result of, HR departments integration to the business, the personnel were re-looked as a resource in the company. The result is that companies often get caught having to downsize if they hired too many peopleor get caught with the wrong people in the wrong slots.

After all, none other than a person or an employee executes every achievement or any activity in an organization. In order to become more efficient and to make its goals achievable, an organization should focus the most important assets of all other resources, which is the human capital or the intellectual assets.

Any organization is goal oriented and has targets to achieve, and the employees of the organization perform them.

These attributes might include accountability, reliability, integrity and customer-centric behavior. Human resource management described as a set of activities aimed at building an organizational performance. Successful HR departments realize the importance of keeping employees' focus on the company's financial goals while providing opportunities for employee growth and advancement.

The function of a Human Resource Management strategy is when adopting their HR practicesorganizations must take into account the interest of the fit between these firm strategy and practices. Strategic management as general and within HR, helps to organize how HR systems and practices with the aim of developing a competitive advantage for the firm.

Is There A Relationship Between Strategic Planning and Human Resources or Hiring?

Some researches tell that human resources can become a cause of competitive advantage for the organization is not new. In the past, organizations and their top managers assumed the status of managing the most vital intellectual assets of an entity.

Workshops, seminars and self-paced podcasts, videos and job aids can help prepare employees to address problems in the workplace.The management team and the HR professional must understand the link between the three resources and how best to develop strategic plans for each resource. Figure 1 shows a pie chart of the three critical resources.

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Relationship between strategic human resource management and firm performance Relationship between strategic human resource management and firm performance: A contingency perspective Author(s).

Strategic Human Resource Management and Firm Performance According to Armstrong and Baron (), people and their collective skills, abilities and experience, coupled with their ability to deploy these in the interests of the employing organization, are now recognized as making a. The main objective of this study is to find out the relationships between institutionalization level, strategic management level and human resource management level in family businesses.

Relationship between Strategic Management and Human Resource Management Every organisation is trying to become more efficient and more productive. The key to an organisations success is to become more global and advance from a .

Relationship between strategic management and human resource
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