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She said that in fact it was unassigned, and she needed to find a book for which it would be appropriate. And it still lacks explanation of the EU dispute created because the same drink is claimed by tradition in Austria, Hungary and Romania -- as clarified in E.

The article requires expansion to explain the entire topic. Because, there are differences between these brands. This way, everyone is welcome to bring relevant quotations about each of these traditional drinks and it will also be clarified the status and the common history.

The meaning was Palinca project transferred to fruit brandies while wheat distillates were referred to as crematura. Anything else is a violation of WP: For a fruit to be suitable for jam production it has to contain some sugar.

Legislation legalized small home distillers in This spirit was probably a brandy blended with rosemary, and had its use in medicine, as both the king and the queen suffered from arthritis.

It lacked any mention of the regulation. Hungarian Palinka was invented way before Transylvania was part of Romania in If you know of any, please add them. Would you say Silenzio say that it is Romanian??

The only technical requirement the law adds to that method is that it must be distilled from a mash of ripe fleshy fruits.

This discussion began at Talk: Would you say Silenzio say that it is Romanian??

Tuica, Palinca and Horinca

Tuica Edit Tuica is a favorite alcoholic drink in Romania, it is widely spread and extremely cheap to buy if it is of bad quality. I think the history section should next be rewritten to be inclusive of the entire historical region, rather than so specific to modern Hungary.

Everybody knows that people in Romania are inventive. Also, there should be the same EU legal section, which will state that each one of these brands was equally recognized by UE as being traditional in Romania, Hungary and Austria.

I take no sides in this battle, so if you can offer a better solution for inclusion of the information, I'm willing to hear it.

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This drink is less common in Romania than it is elsewhere in this region of Europe. I am aware that there is bitter rivalry between these nations, but I don't want to read speculations about the national interests of editors on Wikipedia.

Then they began experimenting with other Palinca project. As you have noted and independent sources statePalinka is a generic product and not a brand name -- and focusing on one national product despite other sources would be factually incomplete.

I agree that the article should mention that NOWDAYS the drink is also produced under a similarly sounding brand name for advertising purpuses palincabut this should go into the appropriate sections modern production, EU branding isseues section. Statements such as "Palinca has been produced in Romania for many centuries" is evidence of nonsense based discussion.

The dried version, prune uscate refers to what in English are known as prunes. European technocrats are also worried is that the current system of arbitration is simply unjust and could lead to reinforce nationalist sentiments within the agrarian sector.

More importantly, nothing implies that Hungarians or Romanians invented their fruit brandies on their own.Tuica, Palinca and Horinca Posted by Sam Cel Roman on October 9, April 19, Although I have unabashedly written many times about tuica, it’s time to dedicate a whole post to it.

Romanian firm plans to export 30,000 bottles of Palinca to US

Therefore, playing the passion/potion card, we chose to use a folkloric approach and, recalling the local rituals and superstitions, we produced a package resembling a magic flask - a vessel bound in chains as the only suitable recipient for the restless spirit of Dracula flowing in this strong, volatile Palinca.

Packaging design for a luxurious bottle of traditional Palinca. Made and designed in Romania. Lunch - 9 euro/pers Menu 1: chicken soup with noodles/dumplings, sarmale (rice and minced pork meat rolled into cabbage leaves along with spices) served with polenta and sour cream, dessert.

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