Deloitte sap case studies

Fast moving, highly productive teams feature some developers that have an integration responsibility, likely amongst other responsibilities. We will also focus on how Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud SMAC technologies are revolutionising the way that services are delivered as well as how shared services, GBS, and outsourced organisations engage with their customers and internal teams.

In this role, she is namely responsible of Finance Excellence, Process harmonisation, Performance and quality improvement, Cost Efficiency and Internal Control effectiveness. But 5 years down the track, what happens when we end up with tens or hundreds of APIs that are now part of our core product - how do we know that we're safe to deploy to production without running hours of integration test suites?

The best integration platforms have evolved to support a new class of users: Pushing the envelope with your finance shared services organisation Deloitte sap case studies different ways of thinking through your operating model Connect with Neera Neera Mayor Manager, Deloitte Neera is a Manager based out of Deloitte's Actuarial practice.

This speech will take you for a ride into the future, so strap in! She is passionate about working with other specialists within Deloitte to use robust and rigorous data analysis and modelling to drive and support talent, workforce and organisation design decisions.

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For example, how important is a focused, robust and award-winning methodology? Philippe joined Oracle in March following the acquisition of Hyperion Solutions and was promoted to his current role in July These companies will be on hand during the event to offer advice on technologies and services available to you to apply to your own shared services and outsourced centres.

A real time Kafka platform moves your data up the stack, closer to the heart of your business, allowing you to build scalable, mission-critical services by quickly deploying SQL-like queries in a severless pattern. Are there other firms that can provide the same strength in numbers and global reach to support your ERP initiative?

He is supported by a team of over people based at Rio Tinto sites across the world on five continents. Focus on SAP and Oracle.

Find out how Pact contract tests can keep your services free from the burden of integration testing, and allow you to ship your code with speed and confidence. The company services over clients and its performance has consistently been above the industry average.

Gartner names SAP Ariba as a leader

For instance, if a hard drive breaks, it takes around six hours to replace it and build the databases again.

If so, this talk will provide some cathartic relief for all of you. TUNG accelerates global trade by enabling streamlined invoice processing, improved cash-flow management and better buying decisions. Delve into a case study to illustrate the process whereby an organisation without a team of Machine Learning engineers can harness the capability of this technology to automate human perception tasks.

Secure and Simplify your Path to the Multicloud Diogo Montagner, Juniper Networks Agile software engineering relies on having a seamless and secure orchestration of the cloud underlay in order to deliver with speed, security and at scale.

This talk will focus on the process to create the technical standards to support this regime. Supplemented by applications and IT experience and in-depth, industry-specific knowledge, our services provide business-focused solutions tailored to your strategic goals. As organisations strive to enable and capitalise digital service provision, APIs have emerged as the mechanisms that can efficiently operationalise this capability.

After recently leading a change programme which saw a considerable down sizing of the ssc, Jon left the centre in July '14 and is now leading the sale and separation of three airports from the Heathrow Group.

Scotland is an internationally recognised Shared Services location with an impressive track record and distinguished pedigree. APIs - delivering re-usability of managed end-points.

Gartner names SAP Ariba as a leader

For example, airlines may send a boarding pass, flight updates and terminal maps via RCS. He also supported change management in relation to the development of the business partnering capability of a large reporting and analysis team based in India.

We'll put you in contact with the people you need to meet, keep you up-to-date on everything from labour law to tax incentives, and make sure once you're set up, everything goes smoothly. He took forward the SSC's organisational and people capability, working on strategy, engagement, and leadership team coaching — and was the SSC lead for the implementation of continuous improvement programmes in Each is realising the benefits of the company's configurable and highly scalable solutions every day to: If you plan to attend just one event this year Attend this keynote to learn about the Agile Integration methodology and how it improves productivity for modern application development.

We are the largest provider of IT recruitment, helping clients find, hire, manage and retain the most qualified IT professionals in the country for contract and permanent positions across all technologies, levels and platforms.

Designing cloud native applications following an agile microservices approach requires careful planning in order to ensure smooth streamline deployment, operations and management of the modern cloud infrastructure.- SEI SAP architects in Deloitte Consulting’s Application Architecture Capability - Focused on practicing SEI architecture principles Siva Muthu.

Sean Gilbert. 3 SATURN Enterprise IT Architecture Assessment & Case Studies In the next few slides, we will examine 3 case studies about. See how we’ve helped our clients across 40 different industries. ERP Consultant Snapshot: Deloitte Consulting; When choosing an ERP implementation consultant, there are many to choose from.

Case study practice for Deloitte

Deloitte’s deep partnerships with SAP and Oracle, along with their methodologies dating back to the ’s, suggest that they are lacking in both areas. 8 Secrets to Developing a Business Case For an ERP.

Gamification is the use of game thinking and game mechanics in a non-game context in order to engage users and solve problems. Often used in training and human resources, the application of Gamification improves learning, task completion, data quality and Return on Investment.

case for Deloitte. Based on accomplishments during the design phase, ATB Financial contin- For more information, visit: tsuki-infini.comte.

com/SAP. Deloitte and ATB Financial Form Deep Ties on Transformation and there wasn’t much transparency for team mem- ATB Banks on Team Members. Apr 13,  · In today’s world, every successful company is a tech company. It’s become impossible to separate business strategy from technological innovation, so everyone from retailers to health care.

Deloitte sap case studies
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