A comparison of the similarities and differences between organizational structures

There are full leadership and coordination in Centralization. The demand curve for an oligopoly firm is indeterminate, i. Employees become loyal to their departments and look out for the best interest of their area. The matrix structure is a hybrid of the functional and divisional structure, effectively creating independent business units for each product or service created or each unique market targeted.

The cost involved in functional organisation structure is comparatively less as the functions are not repeated.

Functional vs. Divisional Organizational Structure

Big decisions, the strategies that drive the group forward, are either arrived at by common agreement or evolve out of decisions made by smaller groups. The old-fashioned name for these circles might be "departments. Because no one reports to anyone else, whenever an issue arises, it's handled quickly by those who first become aware of it.

The structure is as efficient as a simple company, but coordination can be a problem, because each division acts independently and efforts can be duplicated.

Sometimes hotchpotch is created due to excess workload, which results in hasty decisions. Both product and functional leadership is related through program and project management. Each divisional manager is more concerned about delivering his product and would view the integration as not part of his job or the problem.

For example, one department is responsible for companywide marketing and another one is responsible for all human resources. Opportunities for advancement in career are available that motivate employees to perform well. Opportunities for advancement in career are available that motivate employees to perform well.

The lower number of employees and a more concentrated work focus makes it easy to manage the business in such organization without a more complex hierarchical structure.

There are two types of organizational structures which are usually adapted by the organizations. Bureaucracy and Red-tapism are also one of the disadvantages of centralization. Weakness of functional structure Restrictive Organizational View: Key Differences Between Centralization and Decentralization The points given below are noteworthy, so far as the difference between centralization and decentralization is concerned:Functional Vs Divisional Structure Can any one please let me know the the similarities between the functional and multi divisional organizational structures.

Reply Quote | 01/15/16 Iwajeth - Thanks. Thank you so much for a great effort! Reply Quote | 06/27/15 Anonymous. For examining qualities between two or more items, the organizational structure that works best is A.

Comparison and contrast. This is because this organizational structure allows you to analyze the similarities and differences between two items, whereas options B and C do not allow you to examine qualities between multiple items.5/5(2). The main difference between functional and divisional structure is that in functional organization is described as an organizational structure wherein, the employees are classified on the basis of their area of specialization.

An organizational structure, so designed that it is bifurcated into semi-autonomous divisions on the basis of product, service, market etc, is known as divisional structure.

Compare And Contrast Different Organisational Structures And Cultures.

Business Comparison Chart

Print Reference this. between structure and technology – the technological imperative – is vital to maintain competitive advantage in modern business. Organizational Culture, 2 nd Edition, Harlow: Pearson Education Ltd. Burnes, B. (). Organization structure consists of vital pillars of an organization which the organization is composed of.

Frame of Organizational Structure: Work Specialization: Work specialization is a key factor of organization structure.

In the organization there are several jobs along their workers. The key difference between matrix structure and functional structure is that matrix structure is a type of organizational structure where employees are grouped concurrently by two different operational dimensions whereas functional structure is a structure that divides the organization based on specialized functional areas such as production.

A comparison of the similarities and differences between organizational structures
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